Summer Comp - Winter Comp

SNSC's Comp Program is for athletes ages 14 and up (or younger athletes who have a strong training/race background who wish to train more). Most athletes choose to participate in SNSC programs year-round (from June-March). This year SNSC will offer a single registration for athletes who participate in the year-round Comp program (combining Summer Comp and Winter Comp).

Program details: SNSC's year round Comp program includes approximately 530 hours of coaching across 245 sessions (average length 2-2.5 hours) in addition to training plans (which include approx. 100 hours of on your own sessions), pre-race waxing, heart rate data analysis, individualized training for specific races, etc. The program meets between 5-10 times per week from early June through March. Coached sessions include video analysis, individualized technique training, intensity sessions, distance and ultra-distance sessions, strength training, and plyometric training. Athletes utilize running, roller skiing and biking for dry land training. This program is designed to meet the needs of highly competitive athletes while also being accessible to a range of abilities.

Strength Training: The Comp program includes strength training sessions at the Breckenridge Rec Center (athletes must buy a pass or punch card) throughout the year. 

Equipment: Comp athletes need classic and skate skis, boots and poles along with classic and skate roller skis (typically you can use the same boots and poles you use in the winter for roller skiing). Athletes also need a watch (with HR monitor preferred), drinking belt (or other hydration system) and running shoes. This is a minimum list of equipment. Read our equipment guide HERE.

Race Licenses: All Comp athletes will need a USSA Competitiors license. Details HERE. Many should consider also getting a FIS license (feel free to discuss with Olof if you have questions). 

Training Camps: SNSC hosts several training camps throughout the year that are optional, but highly recommended. We think it is very important for athletes to learn how to train at high intensities, away from their everyday lives. They learn how to be more independent and self sufficient when attending training camps (and they also get excellent training). We strive to keep costs for camps as reasonable as possible. Typically we host a camp in the summer, a weekend camp in the fall and an early winter camp.

Program Fees: Program fees include training plans, coached sessions, race support, pre-race ski waxing, transportation, practice wax (and ski maintenance supplies), individual sessions (as needed), etc. As an SNSC member you have access to team pricing on equipment, team logo gear, season passes. 

Additional Costs: SNSC athletes are encouraged, but not required to order race uniforms and team logo gear. Uniforms are ordered through Podiumwear and team logo gear is ordered through the club. If athletes want to travel with the team to races there are additional travel and lodging fees. Athletes must pay race entry fees for all races.

Scholarships are available -- more information HERE